Sony PS4 Launch – OXO Tower Take-over

In the early 20th Century the Oxo Tower was constructed to circumvent advertising laws, 100 years later it was taken over by Sony, following in that same tradition. Black Label Creative were on hand to capture a unique moment that changed the London Skyline in an instant and garnered 14.3 million impressions on Twitter within 24hrs.

As part of the global launch for the PS4, the historical OXO Tower’s iconic facade was replaced by Playstation’s instantly recognisable symbols in an audacious marketing stunt, pulled off in style by the experiential gurus at Curb Media.

The four symbols – a circle, a cross, a square and triangle were made up of handcrafted neon lights in the trademark colours, all hoisted into place by a team of the UK’s best vertical access teams.

BLC were there every step of the way, documenting all aspects of the construction and launch. Through use of attention-grabbing time-lapse, super slow motion capture and intimate macro photography, our team captured the true magic in the skill and craftsmanship required to create such an iconic event. Helmet-mounted GoPros worn by the abseiling team added a dramatic detail to the story and further underlined the jeopardy involved in such an audacious project.

14.3 million impressions on Twitter within 24hrs