Land Rover – Supporting Equestrian

Mindshare approached Black Label Creative to conceive a digital campaign celebrating Land Rover’s association with equestrian eventing. Key challenges were to take the event content to the next level, drive advocacy and amplify the brand’s candidacy within the equestrian sphere.

Taking the pioneering approach to house the campaign microsite within a tab on the Land Rover FaceBook page BLC managed to deliver the experience directly to the heart of Land Rover’s audience.

In order to raise the bar BLC created themes that drilled home intelligent parallels between the sport, riders and Land Rover’s values. These themes were amplified through three high-value films made in association with Rock Hound.

To support the key films the tab microsite delivered educational content that widened the understanding and appreciation of the disciplines.

With 200,000 organic views so far the exclusive content has been incredibly well received by a much wider audience than was previously reached, making it a real destination for grass roots equestrian enthusiasts.

Campaign overview:

  • Facebook app based microsite featuring; events education, staggered release hero films, hero insight content and Yogi Breisner top 10 tips
  • 3 documentary films about; Laura Tomlinson, Ben Maher, Zara Phillips’s pursuit for perfection in equestrian eventing.


  • Social & digital activation campaign including; hero film, appointment-to-view retention emailers, social media campaign for awareness and to drive engagement using campaign mechanic and exclusive hero content release notifications.
  • Event and portrait photography