KPMG – Dynamic Risk Assessment

Dynamic Risk Assessment is a KPMG product that evaluates and highlights risks to big business. An incredibly powerful tool that gives businesses the ability to react to change or threats in real time. KPMG wanted a film that conveyed the power of what KPMG DRA can do for a large business in an inspiring and accessible way, rather than to describe it in intricate detail.

Using 3D animation we created a complex organic molecule to represent big business, within an epic space-like environment. Malicious outside forces  attacked and deformed our molecule until DRA appeared to provide a protective shield. By the close of the film DRA had restructured the molecule to a uniform shape – signifying that it had analysed the attacks, giving the business the tools with which to protect itself and make decisions based on this analysis. All of these intelligent interactions reshape and streamline the business for a more successful and robust future.