KPMG DRA Experiential – 360° VR

“Welcome to KPMG’s Dynamic Risk Assessment, developed by a KPMG team of data scientists, mathematicians and economists. It is an evolution in risk assessment that applies actuarial theories, sophisticated algorithms, mathematics and advanced data and analytics together in a KPMG proprietary methodology to identify, connect and visualize risk in four-dimensions.”

“We need to bring a third, even a fourth dimension to bear – contagion risk and velocity – in order to understand and identify potential risks in our deeply interconnected world.

This is what Dynamic Risk Assessment does.”

BLC worked in collaboration with the team at EXZEB to create this experiential VR film for KPMG to showcase their next level Dynamic Risk Assessment product invented by Andries Terblanché who is the Global Lead of Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA), which he conceived, spent ten years developing and is now scaling for use across KPMG’s network of member firms.

DRA has the ability to compute mind blowing levels of data to be able to evaluate huge multi-tiered companies and identify potential risks in their future whether that be from supply chain, economic anomalies or staffing droughts. The product is so cerebral to comtemplate that KPMG needed a powerful communicating tool to be able to explain to their powerful clients the power and reach of such a tool to their businesses. This is why we all knew we had to do something ground-breaking that they hadn’t experienced before and that brought us to our idea for a shared VR experience…

The film takes us on a full 360° stereoscopic journey from the history of economics, through the global economic collapse and on to the invention, development ans subsequent launch of KPMG’s Dynamic Risk Assessment ending with case study examples of DRA in action. All told within a futuristic construct of abstract and synapticly inspired graphics subtly hued with the core KPMG brand  palette. 

The film was delivered to an audience all wearing syncapated VR headsets to ensure the experience was enjoyed collectively all driven through a Samsung Galaxy phone app.