Honeywell – GX by Inmarsat

Honeywell Aerospace leads the world in the manufacture of aircraft engines, avionics, auxiliary power units and many other aviation products including high speed in-flight internet connectivity. Partnering up with Inmarsat they have created Global Express or GX for short, a powerful new communications system that utilises a Ka-band network to deliver seamless connectivity on land, sea and in the air.

The demand for high speed connectivity when in-flight has never been higher and premium airlines are under huge pressure to introduce broadband for their passengers.

Honeywell brought in BLC to create a film that clearly explains the calibre of their in-flight internet offering and more widely how broadband and in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems can be harnessed to create a far more sophisticated and hugely entertaining in-flight experience.

The system’s benefits are described via the seamless animated examples as they play-out throughout the film – from live pay-per-view events to pre-purchasing of duty-free and driving advocacy by rewarding in-flight social media shout outs using live event #Emirates hashtags. All aimed at capturing more data and super-charging frequent flyer interactions with the airline brand. This film was aimed at Emirates airline and uses a quirky, fresh and accessible 3D approach to outline the tech side and customer benefit angles.