“Citi Private Bank is confident that 2020 will be brighter than many expect. We believe that global growth will surprise positively, feeding through into modest corporate earnings growth. In turn, this should buoy equity markets and cause longer-term rates to rise by more than the consensus expects. We urge you to cut through the negative noise, focus on hard economic data, and stay fully invested.

In a world of negative sentiment and negative yields, we aim to help you focus on what really matters and take positive action in your portfolio.”

BLC worked in close collaboration with Far Beyond Ltd. to create 4 films discussing the most pertinent themes for investments in 2020 as laid out by David Bailin and Steven Wieting, both leading experts on wealth management at CPB. The live action sequences were shot in NYC by Far Beyond Ltd. and BLC were responsible for the creative, post-production and animation.

Following on from the aesthetic we developed for Outlook 2019, BLC and Far Beyond worked hard to push the graphic style further on screen, in print and the DOOH activations. The themes of negative yields, borrowing at negative interest rates, opportunites in investment in cyber crime protection, green energy vs traditional and unstoppable trends were brought to life with our new punchier colour palette and bolder, cleaner compositions.

The digital activation involved taking over all of the digital screens and banner spaces within the NYC and London offices. The spaces were populated with carefully timed loops of our animations and print assets fully immersing the environment with the key messaging from Private Bank’s Outlook 2020.

CPB Outlook 2020 – Staying positive in a negative (yielding) world











CPB Outlook 2020 – Unstoppable Trends











CPB Outlook 2020 – Escape the negative yield trap