In Outlook 2019 Citi Private Bank asks – “After a more difficult year in 2018, what might 2019 bring for investors?”

“David Bailin – Citi Private Bank’s Global Head of Investments – discusses our outlook for the global economy and financial markets over the coming year. While we expect further progress in risk assets overall, we urge building allocations that can endure beyond the next year or two.”

BLC worked in close collaboration with Far Beyond Ltd. to create 4 films discussing the most pertinent themes for investments in 2019 as laid out by David Bailin and Steven Wieting, both leading experts on wealth management at CPB. The live action sequences were shot in NYC by Far Beyond Ltd. and BLC were responsible for the post production and animation.

The challenge to create compelling (and compliant) visuals to support a highly technical and jargon based script was very large and in a very tight time frame due to the time sensitive nature of the advice presented across the 4 films.

CPB Outlook 2019 – Building stronger portfolios for turbulent times








CPB Outlook 2019 – Unstoppable Trends








CPB Outlook 2019 – Make your cash work much harder








CPB Outlook 2019 – Safeguarding Assets